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Trying to get clients to mail you checks, or trying to figure out how you are going to sell that cool thingamajig you made? Now you can by accepting credit cards with Lemonade! Sign up & accept your first payment today!

No Code

Don't know any code? No worries. Effortlessly create a payment form for your clients or customers to pay you without knowing a thing about code. A link url is the most you need.

Safe & Secure

You (and your customers) can rest easy knowing that Lemonade uses bank-level (256-bit) SSL encryption when sending payment data. Using the Stripe platform, Lemonade never handles or saves credit card data.


Since the external payment page is hosted by Lemonade, you can link to your payable item from anywhere! Your website, an email, an invoice, anywhere!

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Lets Talk Price - It's Simple

One Free Payable Item.
For the simple at heart. One page for all your invoices, or just try it out. You can always refer friends and be Free +.

Free w/ Friends

Up to 7 Payable Items.
1 + up to 6 friends you refer. Each friend you refer, earns you an additional payable item.

$7.99/mo Pro

Unlimited Payable Items.
Invoices, ecommerce or anytime somone wants to pay you, without limiting the number things to sell.

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